A Louisiana woman has been charged with negligent homicide after her home caught fire, killing her two children, while she was away getting her hair done.

State Fire Marshal Deputy Chief Brant Thompson said firefighters recovered the bodies of Tashae Thompson Johnson, 4, and Clifton Thompson Johnson, 3, in their two-bedroom home.

Ms. Ciarra Johnson, the mother, claims that she had a family member come to watch the children. But Investigators say otherwise.

“Our investigation determined that she made no such arrangements,” Thompson stated. “That’s what is so disturbing to us. There were family members around she could have called, but she just didn’t bother.”

The fire marshal went on to say that the fire was called in at about 3PM. Ms. Johnson claimed to authorities that she left at 1:30PM for the hair appointment. The investigation determined that that was a lie, she actually left around 10AM that morning.

When authorities came they found Ms. Johnson locked in her car at the home. She says that there were to space heaters operating in the house when she left and that when she got back the house was on fire. Thompson confirms this and added that,

“…The fire was the close proximity of flammable materials to a space heater.”

As the formal charges have been filed and Johnson arrested for the deaths of her children, Deputy Marshal Thompson also said,

“Needless to say, this is a tragic event has affected the entire community,” he said.

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