Ever think of donating your body to science after you die? Maybe made jokes about selling a kidney for a quick quid? Well in America selling the dead’s body parts is apparently a lucrative business even if it is illegal. Federal agents raided a human chop shop in Chicago and found the remains of thousands. Legs, arms, heads, organs, whatever they could get their hands on so it would seem. Officials linked this operation to several other major USA cities such as Las Vegas, Detroit, and Phoenix. Check out this crazy mess in the news clip below.

It would be one thing if the family members at least got a cut (pun intended) but they get scammed into this fake service. Most of us take the funeral arrangements of loved ones seriously and the though that grandma Jenny’s arms are being sold on the black market is utterly horrifying. With the investigation nearly complete we can only assume some heavy indictments will come down on these traffickers. Note to self, stay away from Detroit, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

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