SSN- All this in general, realistically, how long would you think it would take to be implemented?

AS- This is my thought. If these two things happen… the awareness of what we can create reaches a tipping point, such that it seems everyone is talking about it. And if we manage to either, A- get someone to release the technology from the black projects that would give us free energy. Or B- enough grass roots breakthroughs happen such that they can no longer suppress it, that we then could have free energy flowing, personal access to free energy. Ten years.

SSN- Ten years?

AS- Ten years.

SC- And you say free energy. Tesla energy, zero point, that kind of stuff?

AS- Well the energy I know most about is through electro-gravitics but I know there are other methods for drawing on the energy… The dark energy, the zero point energy, the orgone, the radiant energy what Tesla called it. We swim in energy. Everything is energy. Even that quote, “empty space between particles in the atom is not empty. It’s proto-matter.”

I know about electro-gravitics, when we can… When a charge is run across the electrodes and the dielectric… they have certain setups that work better than others. More energy is output in gravitational thrust in the gravitational field that is created, than they used to create that gravitational thrust.

SSN- So basically you’re getting a positive…
AS- Positive usable energy out of the system. The area will cool down.

SSN- It’s negentropic!

AS- It’s negentropic. Yes. We can draw energy that is negentropic. In my article “The End of Entropy” I quote the key points that I picked up from the book (Jeremy Rifkin reference). There’s like three quotes and he’s an economist. He points out that all money is “stored energy credits.” When I read that I went, ‘alright, now I understand why they suppress free energies so much.’

SSN- Absolutely! They have no power after that.

AS- Exactly. It takes them down to having their personal power. Then lifts the rest of us up to our personal power.

(There was some chit-chat for a few minutes that brought us to…)

SSN- I agree, there is this sense that these pure psychopaths are like 50% of the planet, but that’s not even remotely close to true, its like less than a percentage.

AS- The highest number of psychopaths I’ve seen claimed is 6%. Now, there is a lot more people doing psychopathic things for money. If money wasn’t an object they wouldn’t be choosing that. So its kind of like just get rid of the psychopaths.

SSN- Absolutely.

AS- Well it’s not so much get rid of the psychopaths, what I’m looking for really is a karmic jubilee…

SSN- A non-violent solution.

AS- Where we all say from here on out we’re just going to judge each individual based on their behaviour. As long as it remains within the three laws of ethics we’ll leave you alone. Break one of the three laws of ethics and the consequences could be from being shunned. Being a social pariah an earned pariah. Pariah-hood no longer becomes and issue of birth, but an issue of behaviour choices. ‘Cause if you defraud somebody, although the motive for that pretty much vanishes, conceivably you might visit somebody’s house and see some speciality item they have. A painting by Van Gogh or whatever. Then you might figure out some way to get them to give it to you.

What’s the motive to defraud? If you manage to defraud someone you will be looked upon with disdain! If you start taking people’s things or damaging them without their fully informed consent you might become a definite pariah or we might decide this has gotten out of hand and we’re going to confine you. So don’t go into other people’s places and mess with their stuff, it’s not cool! And most of us don’t. Most of us don’t do into other people’s houses and start messing with their shit. (laughs)

SSN- (laughs)

AS- It’s just not done you know? It’s not ethical. It’s actually amazing how many people on this planet behave ethically.

SSN- By themselves!

AS- Yeah, they don’t think about it in those terms, which is what I want to change. I want them to realise they’re behaving ethically. Someone read a piece of mine and said “Oh three laws huh? (with sarcasm) We don’t want any laws.” So I said, ‘You really have a problem with the three laws of ethics?’ That’s really all we need! Everything in admiralty law has to do with money. If you take money away, the few laws that are out there on the books… You can be tried for murder… they all fall under the three laws of ethics. Once you strip out everything out there that deals with money concerns, you’re left with only things that deal with the three laws of ethics. So why do we need all this niggly stuff that we need to police people for? We just say, “behave ethically, if you don’t there will be consequences.” You don’t have to be nice about behaving ethically, you can be a dick, but people will just walk off and not want anything to do with you.

SSN- It was a pleasure, thank you for this again.

AS- It’s been awesome!

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